A Quick Guide to Pub Redecorating

If you're in the market to purchase a pub for sale, the chances are you'll want (or need) to do some redecorating after the property has been settled.  After all, at the very least you'll want to put your personal touch on the place, and at the very worst, the pub's current decor could be significantly detracting from your patronage and, ultimately, from your profits.  So, for the newly minted pub-owner, here is a quick guide to pub redecorating, with a focus on what will reap maximum profits:

Lighting is crucial

Although you may not want to proudly exhibit the state of your pub, dark and dingy pubs are, for the most part, best left in the past or in certain countries in Europe.  If you invest in one thing in your redecorating venture, let it be light.  Depending on the atmosphere you want to create, this could be anything from opening up your windows (or installing them!) to creating appropriate mood lighting in and around the main areas.  Remember, though, that there is nothing more inviting for potential patrons than to be able to see other patrons having a good time - so try, where you can, to invest in natural light.  

A dirty floor says it all

If you serve food in your pub, even if it is just a small selection of snacks, your patrons will be looking to your floor as an indication of how clean (or dirty) your kitchen might be. Although there is no such thing as an 'ideal' pub floor, note that carpeted floors wear much faster and look much dirtier, much more easily, than other floor surfaces.  Furthermore, if you choose tiles or floorboards, they will be much easier to clean and look better for longer.  Consider upgrading your floor for a completely refreshed pub look.  

Menus speak louder than words

Patrons often look for subtle cues at to the quality of your pub, and if your menu is faded, fraying and outdated, your customers may be put off.  Similarly, you will send them the message that you are lazy or disorganised if you cross out or do not offer items listed on your menu.  Investing in the production of a new menu can be relatively cheap and easy, so if you want to a pub redecoration 'quick win,' start with the menu to ensure that you attract, and keep, more customers.  Of course, make sure you back it up with great food!

To ensure maximum patronage, and profits, when redecorating your pub ensure you invest in lighting, flooring and a new menu.