Why Your Company Should Use Serviced Apartments for Travel Lodging

As a business manager, you may be faced with planning and accommodating traveling professionals visiting your business. Traditionally the answer to this issue has been to place your businesses guests in nearby hotels that have access to various dining options and entertainment options. One accommodation you may not have considered is a serviced apartment. Before you overlook this, consider the following benefits using a serviced apartment could bring to your business finances and your businesses guests.

Cost Effective

When your company uses regular hotel lodging, it means that you may still have to cover the dining expenses as well as ensure there is a suitable work area for the visitor to contact their home office and get some paperwork done after hours. These options can become costly, especially if you don't want to set a per diem on your visiting client or professional. A serviced apartment generally includes a small office area, sleeping area, and dining area to give the visitor everything they need as part of one expense.  

Special Dining Options

Many people have specific dietary needs or diets they try to stick to, like vegan diets or gluten free diets. This can be difficult to accommodate if they only have access to a small chain of restaurants, especially in a foreign country. By offering a serviced apartment, you can accommodate their dietary needs and have the apartment fully stocked with menu options to suit their needs.

This makes their dining options easier and allows you to remain on budget with your lodging expenses for the visitor. It also shows that you are paying attention to their needs and taking an extra step to ensure their stay is as comfortable as possible.

Business Considerations

A serviced apartment does offer a more home like comfortable feel for your visitor, but they may still need to get some after hours work accomplished. Though some hotels do have a business centre for travellers, they are limited and may have designated hours. A serviced apartment will have a small office area that will likely be equipped with everything your visitor needs to handle messaging, charging their devices, printing, faxing, and web based meetings with their home office.

The key point to consider when you are looking at the benefits of serviced apartments for your businesses visitor lodging is the comfort of the visitor. Yes, you will likely save money by using a serviced apartment, but you will also show that you are thinking about the visitors needs and comfort which can go a long way to closing the deal or building a stronger business relationship down the road.