Benefits of Motel Accommodation

If you are planning to visit Australia, chances are you would like to see as much of the county as possible. However, this country is quite big and traversing it in its entirety would be a herculean task. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy several different sites during your stay rather than be cooped up in one location. One of the best ways of making the most of your holiday in Aussie would be via a road trip. Nevertheless, you will still require accommodation during your road trip. A popular option is using a campervan but if you cannot drive one, then you could opt to stay in motels for the duration of your trip. Here are some of the benefits of motel accommodation.

There are numerous to choose from

One of the greatest conveniences of motels is that they are highly unlikely to run out over the course of your trip. They are typically located on the major highways that you will be driving on, so making a pit stop for the night will not be out of your way. This makes it convenient for you and the other passengers on your road trip as nobody would want to spend extra time in search of accommodation when they are knackered from driving around all day. 

They are economical

Another great advantage of motels is that they are suitable for any budget tourist. In the event that you are strapped for cash, you can choose to share a room with your entire road trip party. In addition, since motels do not offer the luxurious amenities that comes with hotels, you can rest assured that you will not be overcharged for items. Typically, their service charge may include accommodation and breakfast, leaving you to cater for the rest of your needs.

They have personalised service

One thing to consider about motels is that they are much smaller than hotels. Since the establishment is not teeming with guests, you are more likely to get faster service. In addition, the fewer the guests, the more likely the staff will be more personalised in their service to you, unlike in large hotels where all the guests just seem like a hoard of faceless strangers.

They are more accessible

When it comes to large hotels, you may find the prospect of getting from one point to another quite arduous. Especially if your room is located in a far flung area of the property. As such, menial tasks such as walking to the dining room or perhaps to the bar can become quite tiresome. You do not have to worry about this with motels. Since the establishments are quite small, everything you need is readily accessible. Whether you would like to go to the parking, the reception, the restaurant or the pool, everything seems to be a stone's throw away!