How to Improve Your Hotel Stay

There are numerous ways to improve your sleep during a hotel stay and they actually require very little effort on your part. Being conscious of your room's location, packing a few items in advance, and being careful of what you eat and drink before bed can really be the best formula for a few well-rested nights. Here's more on how to sleep your best during your hotel stay.

Request a Quiet Room Away from the Elevator

Most business travellers know to request a room on an upper floor and away from the elevators. This is typically where all of the quiet rooms are generally found, and while they may be a bit more expensive with hotels citing "costs for a view," it will be worth it if you're looking to get some peace and quiet every night of your stay. Also, you should ask for a room at the centre of the hallway; always avoid rooms overlooking the pool as sound will easily emanate up and through your window; and always make sure you know when room service will visit your room in the morning so you won't be disturbed too early.

Essential Items to Pack

There are a few items that you should consider taking with you if you're truly concerned about getting the best sleep possible during your stay. Some may seem strange at first, but they will actually create the best environment for you to feel completely relaxed in your room. The first is packing a pair of your own sheets. Your sheets are familiar to your body and you're likely comfortable with the scent. Replacing the hotel's sheets with your own can actually help. This can be the same case with taking your own pillowcase.

Also, bring earplugs and eyeshades; these are both important because they won't allow you to be woken up out of your sleep if the hotel's curtains are not dark enough or there's commotion in the hallway.

Bedtime Preparation

You've requested the room of your choice and have your earplugs and eyeshades ready for bed. For dinner, you should have a light meal and glass of wine. Smaller meals before bed digest better than larger meals because the food sits in your stomach and works to digest during your sleep. You won't sleep well if your stomach is constantly working to break down the food, not to mention you may wake in the middle of the night to use the restroom.

Also, a glass of wine will relax your body before bed. Be careful not to over-indulge because too much alcohol will prevent you from falling asleep.