5 Caravan Park Features to Look For if You Are Traveling With Kids

If you want to make camping with kids easy and fun, skip the remote spots in the outback and the forest and stay in a caravan park instead. Caravan parks offer a range of amenities that make these parks more like staying in a hotel or at a resort than like rustic camping. To make the most of your experience, parents with kids should look for the following fun features.

Beach or Swimming Pool

Most kids love to swim, and if the caravan park you select has a swimming pool or offers access to the beach, your kids have a passport to a good time. If you want a lot of alone-time on your holiday, look for a swimming spot with a lifeguard so you can send the kids on their own. Otherwise, be prepared to relax and swim along with the little ones.


After a hard day of hiking, swimming and sightseeing, your kids may want to plug into their favourite streaming services, and caravan park Wi-Fi makes that possible. If your kids love their screens, talk with the caravan park about its internet spreads and whether or not streaming is even possible.

If the park only hosts slow speeds, your kids may only be able to check social media, and in that case, you should download a movie or a few shows before you arrive.

Large Camping Spots

If you have little ones who want to run around your caravan, you need a relatively large camping spot. The additional room also affords you a bit of extra privacy, which is ideal if you don't want any of the other campers to hear the occasional toddler fit or your family's other noises.

Ice Cream or Snack Shop

Growing kids can eat all day long, and that fact just seems to multiply when you are camping. To make it more convenient to feed your kids snacks and treats throughout your camping experience, look for a caravan park that has an ice cream parlour or a snack shop. That way, you have options besides cooking over the campfire or using your caravan's small kitchen.

Access to Nature

Although caravan parks traditionally make camping easier by offering a range of amenities, they do not have to be separate from nature. In many cases, you can find caravan parks that are right next to large forests or other rugged natural areas for hiking and exploration.

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