Family Vacation: 3 Clever Considerations for Booking a City Hotel

When you plan a family vacation, the hotel you choose is perhaps the biggest decision because it needs to accommodate the tastes and preferences of everyone in your family. Kids want an area to play, while your partner and you may want some much needed rejuvenation therapy. While price is a defining factor for most people, it isn't the sole factor.

Booking a city hotel requires some careful planning. When booking a hotel room for a family vacation, consider these factors for the whole family to have a great time. 

Choose a Convenient Central Location with Free Parking

When booking a city hotel, you'll want to choose a central location that's convenient for sightseeing and indulging in local activities without having to travel too much to enjoy them. If you arrive by car, you'll need to accommodate. For parking space, which can be a little hard to find with some city hotels. Be sure to check this in advance and choose a central hotel with free parking to avoid paying hefty city centre parking charges.

Check for Onsite Family Friendly Facilities 

Before booking a hotel, check all the onsite facilities and amenities to ensure that it has something for everyone in your family. You may need a pool and an entertainment area for your kids, while the adults may want facilities like spas and golf courses. if you have small children, make sure the hotel has optional cribs and facilities for storing baby food.

You may also want to consider options like discounted kids meals and babysitting amenities. You may also want to check about what fees are included in your hotel rate and what isn't. For example, some hotels charge for Wi-Fi while others offer it without charge. If the Internet is a priority, choose a hotel that offers complimentary Wi-Fi.

Ask About Room Size

City hotels are usually crunched for space, so always check with the hotel about the size of their rooms to see if they can accommodate your family together. Alternatively, you may want to consider booking a room suite or two adjacent rooms depending on your specific requirements. Some hotel rooms may be big enough to accommodate a family of four for a nominal extra cost, which is far less than the cost of an additional hotel room. You may want to choose this option, so check with hotels like Hougoumont Hotel Fremantle prior to booking.