3 Overlooked Ways of Saving Money While Still Enjoying Your Vacation

Saving money while on vacation might actually make the trip less than relaxing for you. When you need to keep strict watch of your money and cut back on sightseeing or shopping, you may feel as if you haven't had much of a vacation at all. However, there are some simple and often overlooked ways of saving money while on vacation that won't detract or take away from your enjoyment. Note a few of those here.

1. Find a hotel with a mini kitchen

A motel with a mini kitchen or at least a refrigerator can save you money on the food you need to purchase while on vacation. Rather than eating out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can use the kitchen to whip up a simple breakfast and pack your own sandwiches for lunch at the beach. You don't need to cook any gourmet meals while on vacation but being able to make your own eggs and put together your own sandwiches can mean saving money on the cost of eating out for every meal. This savings can especially add up for families on vacation.

2. Use shuttles where possible

Many hotels provide shuttle services to and from airports and even to local beaches and other attractions. If you choose a hotel that provides this service or find a nearby shuttle to area attractions, you may find that you don't even need a rental car during your trip. If a hotel doesn't provide this service, sometimes shuttle services will be set up on a beach and they may have a circuit they run every day, dropping off and picking up at local hotels in the area. The hotel at which you stay may be able to give you a list of shuttle services that have their front door on their circuit, so don't hesitate to speak up and ask about this when making your reservations.

3. Bundle your reservations

When you make airline reservations or a reservation at a hotel, you may be able to bundle these together or with other reservations and save. Many establishments offer this type of savings because it helps to increase their business; if an airline will work with a particular hotel, that hotel knows that more travelers will stay with them than if they simply relied on other means of advertising.

If you don't see offers for bundling when you make reservations, speak up and ask about them. You may be entitled to a discount on a rental car with your hotel reservations, or may save on your hotel room when you choose a particular flight or airline, and all your savings then add up.

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